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My name is Catherine Dunne and I am a visual artist living in the west of Ireland.  My art is increasingly influenced by the challenges of our changing environment.  From pandas and orangutans to the story of Fabulous Frog and the insects, I hope you enjoy my work.

catherine dunne

Planet Art aims to build awareness of the world’s animals, insects and sea creatures who have no voice in today’s changing climate.  

whale by catherine dunne

My paintings of animals and whales are mainly in watercolour, as are the illustrations in my Fabulous Frog books.  My ‘save the world’ collection of paintings are inspired by the world’s animals and other creatures who have no voice in today’s environmental changes.  

My children’s books are for children aged 2-6 and teach them a little about nature in a lighthearted way.  The illustrations are simple and children can easily copy them.  My books have an underlying theme, they are all about nature and the natural world around us.  Best of all is that children seem to love them.

To quote the words of Chief Seattle:

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors. We borrow it from our children“.

Greeting Cards

My greeting cards website is Greeting Cards Ireland.  To view the full range of greeting cards, please click here.

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